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Your Privacy Is Important To Us: The statement below outlines the general approach of TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS (TLS) to privacy and is intended to provide a brief yet clear statement about how TLS manages personal information.


TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS [ABN 36 105 199 924] is committed to protecting the privacy of its distributor's, agents and customers. TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS abides by the National Privacy Principles [NPPs] contained within the Privacy Act.

Privacy of personal information is important to us and we conduct our business with the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity.

We will always be open and honest in our dealings with you and will only collect information about you that we believe is necessary to undertake our legitimate business activities. The nature of the personal information we collect will be dependent upon your chosen level of interaction with TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS.

Any information collected by TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS is kept strictly confidential and is only accessed by authorised TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS staff, agents, contractors or service providers in the course of them undertaking their legitimate duties in providing a given product or service. Only information necessary for the particular function is shared with the relevant service provider.

TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS respects the rights of individual members and customers to access and correct their own personal information in our possession.

TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS honours any request not to receive unsolicited, personally targeted promotional material. You may exercise your choice or preferences at any time.

If you have a problem with how TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS has used your personal information, or are concerned about any aspects of the TRIMBLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS Privacy policy or procedures, we want to hear from you.

Privacy related comments and complaints may be lodged over the telephone on +61 (0)8 8238 3500. The matter will be investigated and a response will be provided promptly.

Privacy Complaints:
The office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
Telephone: 1300 363 992
Web site: